Transition Of Style Podcast

The podcast that discusses the places in which personal style and identity meet. Podcast music by Sara FM (

In this episode we welcome designer, builder, maker, mixologist and boxer Heather Smith.

In this episode we welcome Ainsley a non-binary queer wedding planner with Modern Rebel who's a self described modern day Peter Pan. Their current goal is to highlight LGBTQ love stories + create more space for queer folks working in the wedding industry.

In this episode we're joined by performance artist, sex educator and self described, " Queer Femmeborg", Oskar! Join us as they share with us the three entities they embody and a very honest and vulnerable reclaiming of their body image.

In this episode we welcome Olivia Hayes, a stylist and very petite person with a passion for helping folks find a style that expresses their authentic selves.

Special live podcast episode with model and LGBTQ+ advocate Elliott Sailors in conjunction with Faces Places/FIT. Join us they talk candidly about navigating their career while modeling both womenswear and menswear.

In this episode we welcome queer style influencer and suit enthusiast LP. LP is engaged in the work of helping folks find a style that best suits their identity. She recently threw an LGBTQ+ Suit Up Happy Hour in Nashville.

In this episode we welcome Scottish Americana singer-songwriter Stephanie Manns as she talks about her songwriting and performing, the reasons behind starting the New York Artist Collective and settling into her identity as a queer woman.

In this episode we welcome body positivity activist, founder/CEO of People of Color Productions and one of the Directors/Producers of the I Identify as Me documentary, Tina Colleen.

In this episode we welcome writer, photographer Sarah Guilbeaux. Whether it's filmmaking or photography, Sarah has dedicated her life to bringing visibility and sharing the stories of marginalized people.

In this episode we welcome queer writer, performer, and teacher Rachel Garbus. Join us as she talks about femme invisibility in the queer community and the use of comedy to teach social justice art .

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